REACT or Reducing Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Third Level, is an initiative created in University College Cork with support from the HSE and USI.

REACT has one main aim which is to strategically tackle harms associated with alcohol consumption among third-level students.  This is achieved by allowing every third level institute in Ireland to work towards receiving accreditation from monitoring trends on alcohol consumption among their students, to carry out action points to help prevent students from drinking excessively and harming themselves and by evaluating their work and assessing the outcomes.    

LYIT and LYIT SU agreed to incorporate this initiative, starting in the academic year 2017/2018.  For LYIT to be awarded accreditation from REACT, along with reducing the harmful consumption of alcohol, there are eight mandatory action points which must be implemented and eighteen optional points with each action point having either one, two or three credits.  From the eighteen optional points, sixteen credits must be achieved along with two points with a credit of three being mandatory to achieve.

Upon incorporation of REACT, LYIT along with LYIT SU created a steering committee which consists of student representatives, staff representatives, a member of the county council, a member of the gardai and two members of the Alcohol Forum.

An update on the REACT project is presented at every class representative council.  However, if any information is sought, please do not hesitate to contact: for more information.