Class Reps

Your Class Rep (Class Representative) is the “Voice of your Class” within the university and represents the views of the majority of the class. Your Class Rep helps to solve both individual and class-wide problems. Your Class Rep is the first point of contact for all university authorities with your class.

How do I become a Class Rep?

The Students’ Union will email each class group at the start of the academic year, seeking interest from those wishing to become a Class Rep. If there are two or more members of your class who wish to become a Class Rep, a vote to select your Class Rep will take place. The candidate with the most votes will be elected.
  • Classes of more than 25 are entitled to two Class Reps.  
  • Elections take place each year during the first few weeks of the academic year.  
This year’s Class Rep meetings will take place as follows:
  • Mid October – First Class Rep Council of the new academic year

  • Mid November – Class Rep Council

  • December – Class Rep Council Christmas Celebration

  • Mid February – Class Rep Council

  • Early May – Final Class Rep Council of the year

What do you stand to gain by becoming a Class Rep?

By becoming a Class Rep, you can help implement change in the college.  (1) Academically: by attending course board meetings and giving valuable feedback on your course modules.  (2) Enhance Student Experience: by attending Class Rep Council meetings and offering feedback and making suggestions for changes and improvements that may enhance student experience.

Being a Class Rep also provides you with the following opportunities:

Leadership Skills: 

Your classmates may look to you for leadership on issues that face your class, e.g. timetables etc. 

Negotiation Skills: 

You may have to negotiate with your academic department or lecturers on matters such as re-arranging class or extending an assignment deadline. 

Advocacy Skills: 

You will learn to speak on behalf of your classmates at a number of different levels, e.g. at Class Rep Council. 

Organisational Skills:

Responsible for organising class parties, trips, protests, etc.  These are crucial in developing a group spirit among your class and ensuring no one is left out.